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10 years focused on the production of precision tungsten mold components
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  Dongguan Jing Long Sheng Precision Mold Parts Co.,Ltd has been devoted to producing precision carbide components for more then 10 years. Our products scope covers precision carbide punch, bushes, tungsten rod, ejector pin, stamping mold, Motor connector stamping mold etc, serving a wide range of industries, such as Metal stamping, electronics appliances, vehicle, automation and mechanical industry. Our commitment is to service our customers with highly skilled technical support, high precision and quality products, fast delivery, and competitive prices.
  JLS imported tungsten carbide, equipped with advanced facilities, ensuring high precision (up to 0.001mm), excellent toughness, and excellent wear&corrosion resistance. Bore surface and outside surface can be processed with mirror surface grinding. 100% inspection ensures the products are perfect to despatch to customers.
  JLS products
  1 Precision Carbide Punch, Tungsten Rod
  2 Precision Tungsten Bushing, Stretch punch
  3 Precision stamping mold, motor connector stamping die
  4 PG optical grinding parts
  5 Carbide thread mills∮0.15-∮3.175