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Why punch in the processing process is easy to break

  The reason and solution of punching easily broken (1)
  1, closed height is too low, punch cut into the knife-edge part is too long.
  Solution: adjust the closure height, so that the punch head appropriate length.
  2, improper positioning of materials, resulting in punching tungsten steel punch cut unilateral, due to uneven force fracture.
  Solution: adjust the positioning or feeding device
  3, under the mold waste blocked knife edge, causing the punch off.
  Solution: re-drilling large blanket hole, so that blanking smooth
  4, the fixed part of the punch (plywood) and guide parts (playing plate) offset.
  Solution: repair or re-cut into the block so that the punch up and down smoothly
  5, playing board guide bad, resulting in a single force punch.
  Solution: re-repair plate gap
  6, punch knife blade is too short, and playing board dry.
  Solution: Replace the punch, increase the length of the blade edge
  7, punch fixed bad, up and down movement.
  Solution: Re-fix the punch so that it can not move up and down
  8, punch edge is not sharp.
  Solution: Rinse the edge