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Brief introduction to the appearance of tungsten steel needle gauge

  1, needle gauge work surface shall not have scratches, burrs and rust and other defects.
  2, one or both ends of the needle gauge, within 1mm from the use of the appropriate width and its combination of angle angle chamfer.
  3, needle gauge surface roughness R value is less than 0.1um.
  Needle gauge for mechanical and electronic processing in the aperture, pitch, internal thread diameter measurement, especially for bending groove width and mold size measurement
  2. Needle for the purpose of inspection for the location, measuring hole size, check the two holes can also be made by the rules and the depth of the measurement hole, the hole is the necessary inspection of the essential inspection, with the international advanced laser detector detection Of the workpiece.Appearance in the form of smooth needle regulation, with handle needle regulations, titanium needle regulations, such as ceramic needle regulations.
  3. Quality characteristics Roughness ≤ Ra0.20um; Heat treatment quenching: 60 ~ 63HRC;
  Product accuracy: ± 0.001mm, ± 0.002mm, + 0.005mm, -0.005mm.
  Spacing (pitch): 0.01 mm; 0.02 mm; 0.025; 0.05 mm, 0.10 mm.
  Size range: Metric 0.10mm ~ 30.00mm Inch 0.011inch ~ 1.000inch
  Material: high speed steel (white steel) tungsten steel ceramic
  Roughness: Ra ≤ 0.20, heat treatment: 60 ----- 63HRC
  Metric needle gauge range: 0.10mm-20.00mm interval 0.01mm, 0.02mm, 0.025mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm and so on
  Inch gauge specifications range: 0.011 "-2", interval 0.001 ", 0.002", 0.005 "
  Single transparent hose packaging, plastic box sets, suits can be any combination according to customer requirements. (With 51 packs and 100 packs)
  Uses: Suitable for measuring the size of the hole in the mechanical and electronic industry, check the distance between the two holes, the depth of the measurement hole can be used for the regular use of the hole is the standard inspection of the necessary seized with the international advanced detector detection of the workpiece.