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Learn about the characteristics of tungsten steel round bars

  Milling → according to the requirements of the recipe → by wet grinding → mixing → crushing → drying → sieving → after the addition of molding agent → re-drying → after the preparation of the mixture → granulation → pressing → forming → low-pressure sintering → forming (rough ) → inspection test → cylindrical grinding mill (rough without this process) → detection size → packaging → storage. Packing → storage.
  Tungsten steel round bar is a kind of hard alloy tungsten steel (WC) as the main raw material, coupled with other precious metals and paste phase by powder metallurgy method of sintering made of high hardness, high strength alloy material, widely used In the national production and processing areas.
  1, to high-quality ultra-fine tungsten carbide and imported cobalt powder as raw material.
  2, the use of the world's advanced low-pressure sintering preparation technology for standardized production.
  3, with high strength and high hardness.
  4, with excellent red hardness, good wear resistance, high elastic modulus, high flexuralstrength, good chemical stability (acid, alkali, high temperature oxidation), good impact toughness, low expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, Iron and its alloys are similar.
  5, high-tech advanced equipment: Germany imports 10MPa low-pressure sintering furnace sintering.
  6, the unique new technology: vacuum high temperature and high pressure sintering. Products in the final stage of the use of pressure sintering, greatly reducing the porosity, improve the density, greatly improve the mechanical properties of the product.
  7, the product features: material grades, can be used for different use needs; completespecifications, rough size precision (reduce the amount of processing, improve production efficiency).
  8, service and thoughtful response: the next single production fast, fast delivery on time (1 to 3 days).