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Brief introduction to the application of precision tungsten steel bushings

  Tungsten steel bushing is mainly used for stamping and stretching. Carbide is widely used as a tool material, such as turning tools, milling cutters, planers, drill bits, boring tools, etc., for cutting cast iron, nonferrous metals, plastics, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and ordinary steel, can also be used to cut Heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other difficult to process materials. Now the new carbide cutting tool cutting speed is equal to hundreds of times the carbon steel.
  The main role of cemented carbide bushings is that bushings are a type of component that protects the device, and the use of bushings can effectively reduce the wear between the punch and the bearing and the device and achieve a guiding effect. In the stamping die, tungsten steel bushing because of wear and tear, good finish, without frequent replacement, so as to achieve higher equipment and personnel utilization, and is widely used.
  Carbide bushings in the stretch, mainly some pieces of copper, stainless steel pieces of the stretch, because the frequency is too high, easy to heat, resulting in wear bushings, so that punching post moves, product size error, and products The appearance of bad.
  With the increase in the amount of oil extraction, the shallow surface of the oil to reduce, in order to ensure the use of oil people gradually to the deep well, the development of high gradient wells, but the gradual increase in the difficulty of mining oil, so the oil production requirements The wear resistance, corrosion resistance or impact resistance.
  Carbide bushing as a wear-resistant parts of the oil machinery wells, with high hardness, good wear resistance, high finish performance in modern society has been more and more widely used to meet the daily and special performance needs. Some enterprises use spray welding process to improve the durability of cemented carbide bushings and service life.
  After the welding of cemented carbide bushing hardness up to HRC60, better wear resistance, to meet the requirements of the use of the petroleum machinery industry, but after the welding of cemented carbide bushings need to be machined in order to ensure the size of the drawings Requirements and accuracy requirements.
  At present, the common tool materials are carbide cutting tools, ceramic cutting tools and cubic boron nitride tool, but the hardness of the carbide can be ruled out carbide carbide cutting tools, although the ceramic cutting tool for high hardness, but only Suitable for small margin finishing process. So the most suitable for processing carbide alloy cutter material non-cubic boron nitride tool none other.