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Understand the characteristics and use of tungsten steel needle gauge

  Tungsten steel gauge is tungsten-containing steel, such as high-speed steel and some hot production model steel, steel tungsten for steel hardness and resistance to internal combustion has a significant improvement, but the toughness will drop rapidly.
  Carbide in the primary position for the tungsten carbide, so it is also known as tungsten steel tungsten steel belongs to the carbide, also known as tungsten steel nozzle. Hardness can reach HRB89 to 95, due to cloud, tungsten steel nozzle tungsten steel products (common tungsten steel watch), with not easy to wear characteristics. Often used in tungsten steel needle lathe cutting tool, to combat drill bit, glass knife head, ceramic tile cutter above, strong and hard to anneal, but crisp. Belong to the list of rare metals.
  Tungsten steel used in thimble, tungsten steel nozzle named tungsten steel thimble, the material for the tungsten steel, grinding through precision equipment, the current use in the optoelectronic industry, the tip angle control between 10 °, 15 ° , Mainly for automatic solid crystal machine equipment on the top, support (up top) auxiliary vacuum adsorption system.
Tungsten steel needle specifically refers to the use of tungsten steel material manufacturing plastic mold thimble.
  1, in the plastic mold, the product from the mold on the separation, but also the most commonly used;
  2, carbide tungsten steel punch, such as tungsten steel tungsten steel punch, etc., can be used to pass a long and thin hole;
  3, tungsten steel punch is also called the top that is assembled in the lathe or grinder, used to support the workpiece and make the workpiece around it turn the head conical metal round bar, but with the plastic mold parts tungsten steel punch is completely not The same thing
  4, plastic mold tungsten steel punch can also be used inside the mold, it can play a solid role, called the needle.