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Tungsten steel bushing product features and processing technology

  Tungsten steel bushing product features, precision can reach 0.002mm, many types, according to customer needs customized non-standard products. According to the stamping material, the thickness of different, respectively, using different impact, wear-resistant materials. Concentricity, face tolerance can be controlled within 2um, and to maintain the mirror and other treatment. So that customers can use a good product in a short time.
  Hardness of 62-64 ° tungsten steel bushing is the international common tungsten and molybdenum ductile high-speed steel, the carbide carbide particles are small and uniform, with high toughness, excellent cutting performance, good thermoplastic properties such as good wear resistance, especially Resistant to 600 ℃ high temperature is not easy to soften, red hardness is good, heat treatment after quenching hardness can reach 64HRC, wear resistance than high-chromium high-carbon steel 2 times, 1.5 times the strong plasticity, the disadvantage is difficult heat treatment process, the use of high cost The
  1, normalizing: the steel or steel heated to the critical point AC3 or ACM above the appropriate temperature to maintain a certain period of time in the air after cooling to get pearlite organization.
  2, annealing: the eutectoid steel workpiece heated to AC3 above 20-40 degrees, after a period of time, with the furnace cooling to 500 degrees below the air cooling.
  3, solution heat treatment: the alloy heated to high temperature single-phase constant temperature to keep the excess phase fully dissolved into the solid solution, and then quickly cooled to get supersaturated solid solution.
  4, aging: alloy solution by heat treatment or cold plastic deformation, at room temperature or slightly higher than room temperature to maintain, its performance changes with time.
  5, solution treatment: tungsten steel bushing so that the various phases of the alloy fully dissolved, strengthen the solid solution and improve toughness and corrosion resistance, to eliminate stress and softening, in order to continue processing molding.
  6, aging treatment: tungsten steel bushing in the strengthening phase precipitation temperature heating and insulation, so that the strengthening phase precipitation, to harden, improve strength.
  7, quenching: the austenitizing steel to the appropriate cooling rate of cooling, so that the workpiece in the cross-section within or within a certain range of martensitic and other unstable structural changes.