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Understand the scope and advantages of tungsten steel needle gauge

  1, plastic mold thimble can also be used inside the mold, it can play a solid role, called the needle.
  2, in the plastic mold, the product from the mold on the separation, but also the most commonly used;
  3, hard alloy thimble such as tungsten steel needle gauge, you can use to pass a long and thin hole;
  4, the thimble is also called the top that is assembled in the lathe or grinder, used to support the workpiece and the workpiece around it to rotate the head conical metal round bar, but with the plastic mold accessories thimble is completely different things;
Tungsten steel needle gauge imported tungsten steel, excellent quality, but the price is much lower than the Japanese products. The thimble used in the mold, the   workpiece is separated from the mold; the use of tungsten steel made of thimble, can be used to pass a long and thin hole; thimble applied to the lathe or grinding machine to support the workpiece and the workpiece around the thimble rotation; Thimble can also be used as a mold needle, for the mold inside, play a solid role.
  1, high strength, able to bear the load for a long time;
  2, tungsten steel bushing wear-resistant self-lubricating, provides better than bronze cast iron carbon steel and phenolic laminate in oil-free (or oil) lubrication application performance, reduce consumption, save energy;
  3, noise absorption, shock absorption, MC nylon modulus is much smaller than the metal, the vibration of the attenuation, providing better than metal to prevent noise practical way;
  4, to simplify the maintenance of the machine, save labor, excellent mechanical cutting performance, improve labor productivity.
  5, low mc coefficient, providing its wide range of applications in the friction may be;
  6, tungsten steel bushing good resilience, can be bent without deformation, while maintaining toughness, resistance to repeated impact;
  7, compared with the metal, MC nylon hardness is low, no damage to the pieces;
  8, tungsten steel bushing high chemical stability, alkali, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbons, weak acid, lubricants, detergents, water (sea water), and has odorless, non-toxic, tasteless, It is widely used in the anti-alkali corrosion, environmental health, food, textile printing and dyeing and other aspects of the use of mechanical parts to provide excellent conditions. Liners and bushings in the industrial use of the role is different, the lining plate to enhance the grinding medium, the role of protection of the barrel.