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A brief introduction to the guidance of the processing and manufacturing

  Red needle is with other mechanical tools, parts similar to the basic are subject to physical changes, resulting in deformation but the same material.
Punching the processing of the manufacturing process
  1, drawing, cutting off
  Will pass the test after passing the raw materials, through the drawing machine drawn into the required diameter size, and then cut into a root long needle-shaped needle.
  2, heat treatment
  In the heat treatment before the first needle in the alignment of the platform with a dial gauge to adjust the more straight, and then put it into the high-frequency electric furnace or salt bath furnace heated to 800 ~ 1300 degrees Celsius, stay 2 to 5 minutes, Oil quenching hard, fine quenching heat treatment after the tip hardness of up to Hv590-800. Then low temperature tempering treatment.
  3, grinding processing
  Will be pinch the needle in the machine's spring chuck, according to the needles of various tip seat angle size requirements, respectively, grinding molding processing.
  4, polished
  Polishing that the surface of the oil, rust, etc. to clean up, the surface treatment clean.
  5, inspection, storage
  According to the requirements of the index index for testing, qualified to be packed into the warehouse.