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To understand how tungsten steel punch wear fast how to do

  Do tungsten steel punch processing a lot of enterprises, first to say what is the tungsten steel head, tungsten steel punch by the tungsten steel rod made of fine grinding, with high precision, high hardness and good bending strength characteristics.
  Tungsten steel punch wear how fast it is mainly used in what industry? For the mechanical and electrical processing industry, the general installation of the stamping die for punching, the material separation or plastic deformation, in order to obtain the required parts. Tungsten steel punch because of high hardness and has a long service life, corrosion-resistant non-rust characteristics, by the hardware and mechanical processing industry favorite.
  Dongguan City Jinglong St. precision tungsten steel products specializing in the production of precision tungsten steel mold accessories. At present, the company's production of precision tungsten steel punch, tungsten steel bushing, tungsten steel needle gauge, terminal mold, motor connector stamping die tungsten steel mold parts are widely used in hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery and other industries, the company in the Industry has accumulated more than 10 years of production and management experience, with the most sophisticated quality, the most efficient delivery, the most reasonable prices in good faith in the majority of new and old customers.
  The company selected high-quality imported tungsten steel raw materials, together with advanced equipment, Seiko production, to ensure high quality products, high toughness, good impact resistance, precision up to 0.001mm, diameter processing up to 0.1mm, Diameter and hole finish can be mirror processing.
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