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Understand the matching requirements of Chong Chong

  High precision molds supporting the use of carbide punch precision requirements are very high, as well as product consistency, requiring mass production of each punch must be in strict accordance with the dimensional accuracy of tolerance requirements, to achieve maximum mold life. As a precision molds supporting the use of carbide pins, product consistency is a key factor, which will directly affect the mold life and product size accuracy.
  Stamping die work is continuous operation, the service life of the punch needle has become the focus. Carbide punch According to the stamping of the material and the thickness of the different, to choose a different alloy material, under normal circumstances, the thicker stamping products, carbide to choose the lower hardness of the better toughness models. The harder the   material, carbide also relatively low hardness to choose some of the models, which can effectively avoid the red needle was missing. The stamping of the thin plate, or the hardness is not high, this product hole processing, carbide punch can be used more high hardness, so that you can improve the service life of the needle.
  In addition to the selection of cemented carbide materials, one of the important factors affecting the quality and service life of the punch is whether the gap between the dies is uniform. In the process of assembly of carbide punching, we must ensure that the convex and concave die gap. In order to ensure that the gap between the punch and die evenly, must be in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, first determine one (punch or die) position, and then the piece as a benchmark, find the gap, to determine the exact location of another The Some stamping die assembly of a lot of pieces of carbide punch, which requires the mold design of the scientific and rational.
  With the punch, the control punch and die gap evenly have the following methods:
  1, translucent method: placed on the installation of the mold and the next model, with a light or flashlight light exposure, in the next mold blanking hole to observe the light.
  2, gasket method: in the concave die around the thick and thin, the thickness is equal to the convex, concave side of the gap between the copper or paper, the punch into the corresponding concave model hole, observe the punch and gasket tight degree. And gently hit the fixed plate with a hand hammer, so that the convex and gasket tightness consistent, adjust the appropriate, fasten the mold.